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Monday, December 25, 2006

Who Is EdBuild?

The following is a letter from a concerned DCPS parent who has kept a watchful eye on policy decisions impacting DC public schools over the years. Ms. Arlotta is the co-founder of Save Our Schools. In her letter to Mayor-elect Fenty, she questions the DCPS Board of Education's decision to give EdBuild, a newly established organization, oversight of the $3 billion fund to , renovate and modernize more than one-hundred crumbling DC public schools. Dear Mr. Fenty: Please turn your attention to the Board of Education tomorrow when contracts given to EdBuild to manage property, renovate buildings and provide teacher training are voted on. This contract was pushed through in the last month with hardly any notice to an organization that has barely been in existence for a year. All of their efforts are predicated on co-location with charter schools, which is extremely problematic, to say the least. While I am sure Neil Albert, as the former Executive Director of EdBuild, has briefed you on this so-called partnership, I find little to be in favor of such an action. A partnership should be just that - a partnership- but in this instance, it looks like we're just paying EdBuild out of our precious modernization funds and not really reaping much in benefit for our city's school children. Please let me know if you are in favor of the EdBuild takeover. Sincerely, Gina Arlotto, DCPS Parent Save Our Schools Co-founder


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