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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Launch of the Save Our (Public) Schools Website

Announcing the Launch of the Save Our Schools Coalition website. Andrew The Save Our Schools (SOS) Coalition website is an incredible toolkit for both DC communities and other cities fighting the privatization of public schools. So, spread the word to all your networks! SOS has forged a powerful alliance with the "Accountablity Alliance," a growing coalition of activists and regular folks working for affordable housing, health care, public education, and public libraries. These organizations have acknowledged that they can no longer afford to work separately--and the mayoral election has provided them with opportunity and a chance to unite around common needs and visions and against a common target (greedy, gentrifying business interests, embodied by Terry Golden and his Federal City Council).

Here's what the coalitions have decided, and what they need to communicate to their growing networks and beyond, "We need to claim Adrian Fenty's victory as our own--his overwhelming landslide was a vote against the business-friendly development and gentrification of the Williams administration. But now that he's in, Adrian seems to be listening to Terry Golden and the Federal City Council....just like Williams and Marion Barry before him. Don't let the Federal City Council snatch away our victory. How much does the DC community knw about Tery Golden??? Let's remind Adrian Fenty why DC voters supported him and demand that he support DC voters and their communities, our children, and our right to a future in DC, (not the likes of Terry Golden, the profiteers and privatizers of public education. How many DC residents are aware that Terry Golden IS the the Federal City Council? How many DC residents are aware of the history of the Federal City Council (FCC) ?? To that end, we are planning three significant, inter-connected actions between now and February that will focus on exposing the Federal City Council's role in rampant gentrificiation, charter proliferation, library closures, etc. engaging and involving more residents in our work, and demanding that Fenty deliver the goods to people who are tired of benefits endlessly deferred.
Listing of major events below also include specific tasks by volunteers so far. We need your help, your neighbor's help, and your grandmother's help---so pass the word and tell folks to help hand out flyers and attend the events below:
What:Innauguration Day Press Conference to Claim Fenty's Victory as Our Own,
When: Tuesday, January, 2, 6 pm
Where: DC Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Place
We'll also be handing out "Who's Down with the FCC/You know, Fenty" Fact Sheets and advertising our next action, below
Room, 2548 University Pl NW, 7 pm)
What: "Your Economy Is Hurting Our Community" Teach-In, with speakers from affordable housing, health care, public education, and public libraries on how the F. City Council has affected their particular struggle, and their demands for the new administration and practical vision for our communities
When: Thursday, January 25, 6:30 pm
Where: TBA In addition to a tutorial, this teach-in will build for the next event:
What: "No More Golden Rule" Demonstration outside Terry Golden's Home
When: Tuesday, February 13, 6 pm
Where: 4869 Glenbrook Rd. NW

It is critical to get more folks involved--so please, make some personal phone calls. If you can get to an ANC, Civic Association, or church meeting between now and January 2nd, take flyers, fact sheets, and ask people to join efforts to Save Our Public Schools!


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